Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dog walkers unite & help keep your neighborhood free of trash

My wife and I live in Washington Square West. We  have been dog owners for the 30+ years.  It has been our habit when walking our dogs to bring an extra plastic bag and pick up trash in and around the neighborhood.  We use one bag to cover our hand to protect it from dirt etc and every time we walk the dog we pick up candy wrappers, empty bottles, loose papers or what ever is on the street.  It is never ending, but we enjoy seeing the results of our efforts.  When we go about our lives, shopping or going to work, we see a clean neighborhood.
We would like to inspire other dog walkers to do the same.  You are out several times a day walking your dog and pick up after them, so with a little more effort bring an extra bag along and as you are walking around your neighborhood pick up some trash.  It takes "just 10 minutes a day" and you will see a big difference in your area.